Once upon a time there lived a bear named Teddy. He was a skillful professional, admired by many. Teddy wanted to share his expertise with others, build his business and a website, and he decided to settle in this big, affordable but a really crowded town called Shared Hosting.
Teddy now lived amongst hundreds of other citizens of Shared Hosting, where they all shared this big town’s resources. Once in awhile, some of his neighbors were being naughty. They irresponsibly used up all of the shared resources, and Teddy’s website was slow and often completely down. So Teddy not only wanted more resources, he wanted his own resources.
Teddy contacted his town’s Tech Support. He was suggested to run his business in his own private town called VPS. There, he will have his own resources, but Teddy would need to run operations himself and he did not know how. Teddy could also move to another town called Managed VPS or Managed VDS, where he could hire others to help him, but that was just too expensive.
Luckily, Teddy found a better life in Elastic Sites. This town’s resources are the same as in Shared Hosting, but they are no longer shared - each citizen has his own environment with his own dedicated resources. Here, Teddy is isolated from others so that he is never affected by bad neighbors.
Teddy gets married and his wife needs more space so he requests more resources. Then come children, so he requests even more. Sometimes, Teddy’s relatives arrive to stay, and more resources are needed. But it’s no problem since he can request an upgrade or a downgrade of those resources at any time, without needing to move to a new place.
In Elastic Sites, all resources are allocated by CloudLinux OS for each tenant, and unlike in VPS, they are all managed for him. Now Teddy always has what he needs, and he can see what he uses to plan better for his future growth.
Better yet, now Teddy is completely secure. All citizens of Elastic Sites are isolated from one another to avoid security breaches. This way, naughty tenants running unstable scripts or malware are unable to affect Teddy’s site and cause severe harm.
Since Teddy knows that even a second that delays serving web pages makes his impatient customers abandon the site, Teddy was pleasantly surprised - in Elastic Sites, things are super-fast for his customers!
Now that Teddy’s business is stable and growing, he is expanding his services. He can use other tools Elastic Sites gives him. He can run his own version of PHP. He can have exactly the resources his site needs now and even change them in the future.
A prosperous life awaits Teddy in Elastic Sites - all the security fixes, patches, and upgrades are managed for Teddy so that he can now focus on growing his business.
In the end, everyone lived happily ever after: Teddy is happy - he gets dedicated resources without needing to manage the whole town, and his customers are happy because they are able to quickly get to his website, which never ever goes downs.